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Giselle Rosales

Giselle Rosales is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Sanabria & Associates, PLLC. With more than 25 years of experience working with major corporations, Giselle is an expert on reading, reviewing, and auditing financial processes, financial analysis, GAAP compliance, and project management. Giselle has been leading Sanabria & Associates’ financial department to reach the next level by helping the organization reach its goals strategically. Giselle has been an important part of the company’s growth. She shares the same vision that our organization has “Serving our client across the nation.”
Giselle was born in Peru. She obtained her bachelor’s in science from the University of Pacific, in Lima Peru, as well as a Major in Accounting, with a concentration in corporate accounting. Before she moved to the USA in 1999, She worked with major corporations in Peru as IBM, Price Waterhouse, and BDO.

Giselle earned her Master’s in Business Administration at Florida State University, in Tallahassee, Florida. Upon completion, she worked her path as Senior Account, Assistant Controller, and Financial Controller. 

Giselle is fluent in English and Spanish. Giselle loves traveling, swimming, and sharing time with her children, she enjoys being a soccerMom.

Giselle is open to challenges, conversations, and the exchange of ideas from the organization's top players. She created several tools and processes to help Sanabria & Associates evaluate and measure financial and operational requirements and results and improve the forecasting of finances. She also monitors and assesses the performance of accounting groups, evaluates strategies and new markets, examines revenue and expenses, and supports all executive team members of the firm.