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Convictions Regarding Sex Crimes

Rape, sexual assault, and sexual battery are examples of the different sex crimes one can be convicted of. These crimes usually carry felony convictions and depending on the degree, first or second, can lead to life sentences in prison. Sexual battery is non-consensual sexual touching of a person in a sexual way. While it is usually seen as a lesser crime in comparison, if there is bodily injury or a deadly weapon used, it can be classified as a felony. and the sentencing can vary. Sex crimes carry severe penalties and convictions can lead to life-altering circumstances. Defendants charged with these crimes may claim “someone else committed the crime,” that the act was consensual, and there may be questions as to what constitutes consent or refusal. If you or a loved one have been charged with a sex crime, it is imperative you contact an attorney. At Sanabria & Associates, our attorneys work meticulously to uncover all facts regarding cases to secure the most favorable outcome. If you have questions regarding your case or a general legal inquiry, schedule a free consultation below.