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Convictions Regarding Kidnapping

Kidnapping is defined as the intentional taking, abducting, or restraining of another. In some states the abductor needs to have the intention of harming the victim, using them as a shield, holding for ransom, as a servant, or to disrupt government activities; whereas, in others, the victim has to be moved a substantial distance. If a person does not give consent to confinement or if a parent or guardian does not give permission to move their child, a person can be charged with kidnapping. First-degree kidnapping involves the kidnapper assaulting the victim, physically or sexually. Second-degree, however, does not involve any kind of assault. Being charged with kidnapping is a serious offense and penalties can be severe. If you or a loved one have been charged with kidnapping, you need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to gather evidence and litigate on your behalf. At Sanabria & Associates, our attorneys and staff work tirelessly to secure the most favorable outcomes for clients. If you have questions regarding your case or a general legal inquiry, schedule a free consultation below.